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Leavers 2021

At Bournemouth Day Nursery we've been celebrating with our Pre-school classes & preparing them for their move up to Infant School in September. We’ve put together a ‘Leaver’s Course' in which we’ve partnered with local schools to understand exactly what they’re geared towards & what they expect from their new arrivals. The children & their parents enjoyed a lovely picnic together in the garden, which allowed them all to get to know which other children are going to the same school.

We were also joined by Will Bound, our weekly tennis coach, who led some tennis warm-ups & ball control games. We love learning to move in a range of different ways, building our muscles & developing our hand-eye co-ordination, as well as burning off some energy! Good luck to all of our Pre-school leavers & thank you once again to all their parents!


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