COVID-19 virus poses both medical & economic risks to the UK population. Government & business are taking measures to ensure the financial effects & spread of the virus are controlled and finally contained.


This means supporting critical, working people to fight the adverse economic effects & to reduce infection rate through social distancing or isolation. Certain groups are more vulnerable than others. And, some measures appear to conflict with others.


The nursery is following Government instructions to stay open for staff and some children. Parents may use the nursery if they work in the broadly described Critical Sector. Vulnerable children also qualify for priority education provision.

To help parents during the crisis the nursery is offering amended terms to reduce fees for parents who are advised to self-isolate or who do not qualify as critical workers. The Government has just now issued further measures to support wages & businesses. This combination will enable the vast majority of parents & the nursery weather this storm and be prepared to return to normal provision when the illness is under control. The Prime Minister talks of a three month target but this could be substantially reduced when testing tools for infection or anti-body are more widely available. 




update 26 March 2020 13:50

We have received a fantastic response from our critical sector key-worker parents; thank you.


If you are a critical sector key-worker please contact the nursery to self-certify but you might need additional evidence. The nursery will only be able to take children from key-worker or critical sector parents from 25 March 2020 and we will consolidate at Talbot Woods Wimborne Road setting from 30 March 2020. Parents from other closed settings who are critical or key-workers may apply for a temporary placement.