COVID-19 virus poses both medical & economic risks to the UK population. Government & business are taking measures to ensure the financial effects & spread of the virus are controlled and finally contained. The media is focusing on schools, suggesting that there might be problems re-opening some schools in September 2020.


We have remained open to care & educate the children of key workers. From 01 June 2020 we opened our doors to all children. We are now registering new children. You may telephone either nursery for a viewing appointment. Currently we are advising against unplanned drop-in visits so you can arrange your viewing NOW with this link.

To help parents during the crisis the nursery offered amended terms to reduce fees for parents who were advised to self-isolate or who have not returned to their usual attendance. The Government has issued measures to support wages & businesses (Furlough or Job Retention Scheme). These will enable the vast majority of parents & the nursery to weather this storm and be prepared to return to normal provision when the virus is deemed under control. 

Even though children are low risk, we have increased our cleaning, sanitising, resource & toy management to reduce contact throughout the day. You will see the bubble notices when you visit our nurseries. And, we still enjoy plenty of outdoor activities & exercise in the fresh air. This is Lauren & charges on one of her famous Wellie & Splash Walks in Meyrick Park, just minutes away from the nurseries.

From 01 June 2020, both nurseries are open for all children. New parents & those from other settings & schools which have decided to remain closed may register at the Bournemouth Day Nursery & Talbot Woods. You may also join our Home Learning Programme & Pre-School Leavers' Course.