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Open Day information Friday 11th August 2023 (Talbot woods) & Monday 21st August 2023 (Lansdowne Road) from 14:00 to 16:00 with taster menu

Welcome to our next open day briefing page

This is an ideal time to wander round and see some of the rooms and activities available at the nursery for children aged between three and five. There are special areas which we hope you will be particularly interesting.

Kitchen and food

Event tasting options include:

Aranchini (cheese risoto)

Lentil Chilli

Turkey Ragu & Couscous

Soup & crispy bread

Banana flapjack

Carrot cake

All tasters are made from scratch in our kitchen. Bread from the farmhouse bakers.

Menus run a three week cycle and offer vegetarian, allergy free or other preferred diets.

Pre-School leavers' course July-August 2023

All children are welcome to enrol on our leavers' course, which is designed to make sure that you child is full ready for their first reception class.


This also gives parents the opportunity to meet others who are going to the same school. 

Our children are enrolled automatically but if your child attends a term time setting elsewhere, you may join in throughout the summer, too.

Country of the month

Our aim is to introduce all children to the wonders of the world. Each month we visit a different region to explore different cultures, food, music and art.


All parents are invited to join in and help our children learn new things from around the world. 

Settling-in and pre-Care

Most new children warm to nursery on their first viewing. But for some who are a little more cautious we offer a settling-in programme within our registration process.


This means your child needn't start until they are entirely ready. This is fully  included in your registration fee.

Sensory room 

Younger children enjoy and learn from using their senses of sight, smell, taste, touch & hearing. We have a special room for these experiences.

What happens now?

We very much hope you would like to visit us in August 2023. To help make this better day for everyone, please let us know that you'll be coming.

You can register your interest through this link to our contact page.

Sport & Drama

Every week we are pleased to welcome professional sport and drama coaches to the nursery.

We have regular spots learning &playing tennis, football and badminton. Children also try new sports from around the world when we visit different regions.

Affiliate Scheme

Many of our parents recommend their friends and colleagues' children to the nursery.

From 2023 by way of a thank you we are converting this good-will gesture to a discounted fee benefit for both families.

Questions & Answers?

Our staff will be pleased to answer you questions on the day or by email, if you prefer.

Please feel free to ask about tax-free childcare, employer schemes, family & friend discounts, parent partnerships and children learning.  

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