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If you go down to the woods today...

Our Under 2s had a fabulous time creating their own Teddy Bear’s picnic. Firstly, we looked at some supermarket leaflets & Julie, Bryony & Berlynn helped us cut out pictures of all the yummy foods we’d like at our picnic, which we then stuck onto our shopping lists. After making our shopping lists, we made some teddy bear masks. We looked at the facial features of the bears & used brown paint & a range of different mark-making tools to colour them in. Whilst making our masks, we enjoyed singing "We're Going on a Bear Hunt” & “Sleeping Bears".

Later, we took our shopping lists down to our local supermarket. On the way, we looked at all the cars, buses & doggies we passed. We stopped at the fruit & vegetable shop & looked at all the different shapes & colours of the food & bought some beautiful strawberries. When we got back to nursery, we played with some role-play foods & read a story, then enjoyed a delicious picnic with all of our teddy bear friends!


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