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Fossil Finders

This week our pre-school class has been learning about dinosaurs, fossils & bones. Everyone brought in books on the subject & looked at fossils & bones that had been found here in the UK and also in Australia & New Zealand (our region of the month). Once we had completed our research, we decided to make a palaeontological discovery of our own. We all agreed to make a terrifying Tyrannosaurus-Rex & set about making its bones out of papier-mâché.

Then Gemma & Beth hid the bones all over the garden & we all worked as a team, searching high & low to find them. When we had found all of the buried bones, we put them back together in the correct place, using a picture of a T-Rex skeleton as a reference & then practised our best Tyrannosaurus roar! We decided to hang our dinosaur skeleton up in our classroom like our own miniature museum.


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