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More Virus thoughts: providing childcare from Monday 23rd March

COVID-19 is not following usual infection patterns. Other pathogens, which end the lives of all their hosts, tend not to be too successful. The new COVID-19 virus is more cunning than this. Certain vulnerable groups such as the elderly or those with pre-existing heart, lung & some other conditions are more susceptible than younger, more healthy people.

In addition, symptoms can take a number of days to materialise, if indeed they appear at all. Because infection does not result in the death of all hosts & symptoms are delayed, this means the virus can spread unseen to a much wider population than otherwise.

Total lockdown (isolation) is an answer but not necessarily the right solution. If there is no contact, the virus cannot spread through droplet infection or by surface contact & subsequent infection through contact with the next host.

BUT, because the number of new cases is expected to grow exponentially before peaking & then falling, AND there are not enough medical facilities to cope with the anticipated case growth, the Government plan is to suppress or extend the graph peak to lessen the burden on the NHS (i.e. the number of patents needing care and, in particular, respirators).

Of course, hospitals & care homes need to be staffed by qualified & people. People save lives. That is what they are trained to do.

Other people who work in the Critical Sector can also contribute toward defeating the virus either directly or indirectly. The consequences are not just medical but economic & financial, too.

Some of these people will not be able to work if they cannot access childcare.

This is why the Bournemouth Day Nursery & Talbot Woods must remain open so that key people can help in the war against the virus. We have full Government support for this position.

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