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Mushroom or toadstool?

Overnight, hundreds of mushrooms popped out of the garden lawn. No opportunity is to be missed. Ewa starts with an explanation to capture interest, "let's find out more". Are they safe, or are they poisonous toadstools? Where else do they live? Someone else says, "The forest". ""What else lives there?".....How do they grow and what do they eat?... We can use books & computers to find out and help us learn..... Gradually, Ewa & a few mushrooms expand your child's learning to cover an unlimited number of areas.

Home learning encourages this process to continue away from the nursery. Perhaps arrange a family walk this weekend (there are a few mushrooms left to be hunted, despite the frost). Try Pug's Hole or Talbot Heath Nature Reserve. Or maybe there's a mushroom lurking in the garden or pantry.

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