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What on Earth?

123s have been learning all about planet Earth. After reading a book about Earth with Beth, we all discussed what we have here on our home planet, for example cars, planes, animals & mud. We talked about what we love on Earth such as dogs, Peppa Pig, our Mummies & Daddies & the beach. Some of our friends quite rightly said “there's no mummy on the Moon" & that "we would melt if we lived on the Sun!”

We made a big picture of the Earth by carefully cutting up different shades of green & blue tissue paper & sticking them onto a circular piece of card. We decorated our picture with paper hearts, which we wrote our names & the things we love about the planet on.

As an extension, we explored a sensory tray full of mud, flowers & toy animals. We transported the mud & animals in our toy trucks & built mud hills. We also did some ‘Mummy & Daddy’ role-playing with our small world toys, cars, trains & aeroplanes. What a wonderful world!


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