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We Love Stories!

It’s fair to say 123s have taken this month’s theme & run with it! Our favourite stories have inspired some fantastic activities. From dancing to baking, we’ve done it all! We started by reading ‘The Gruffalo’ & creating a huge picture of him, which we all decorated & labelled together. Then, we did some sensory exploring, with grass, stones, shells & twigs & discussing how they felt. We also recreated the lake that features in the story, making our toy animals splash into it & counting all the different animals we could see.

We talked about all the foods that are mentioned in The Gruffalo & decided to try making ‘Owl Ice cream’. Together, we gathered all the ingredients & helped pour them into our mixing bowl, taking turns to stir the delicious mixture. We also talked about where ice cream needs to go to make it freezing cold & solid. It was Brrr-illiant!


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