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Volatile Volcanoes

Preschool have been learning all about Dinosaurs & their unstable prehistoric world, so we decided to make our very own volcano! We made the structure of our volcano out of a bottle & an egg crate & used papier-mâché to make its jagged, rocky surface. We talked about the hot lava that comes spewing out of volcanoes & how they can be very dangerous. When discussing what we'd do if we were ever near to an erupting volcano, one of our friends suggested, "just RUN" & we all agreed!

Whilst we waited for our sculpture to dry, we watched some videos of volcanoes erupting & decided we wanted to make ours go “KABOOM!” We all gathered round & watched in amazement as Gemma poured a special solution into the top of our volcano. We couldn’t contain our excitement when it erupted & the fizzing concoction came pouring out & we haven’t stopped talking about it since!

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