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The Wheels on the Bus

This month at Bournemouth Day Nursery, our learning theme is transport, which has brought about much delight! All of our classes have been model-making like mad & have created some fantastic art. Our Under 2s class painted a beautiful blue aeroplane, whilst our 1-2-3s & Pre-school classes made some big red & yellow buses, which incorporated a range of different materials from pom-poms & glitter to photos of their own friends & family happily riding the bus. They also created pictures using toy cars & trucks rolled through paint to make different marks & patterns.

Whilst creating their masterpieces, the children discussed the different colours of buses they have seen around & the different numbers they had on them, as well as the other forms of transport they knew of. Pre-school also took turns cutting out their own tissue paper & craft paper & shared their resources amicably. Of course when the children were not crafting, a joyful chorus of the classic nursery rhyme "The Wheels on the Bus" could often be heard!


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