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The Troll & the Treasure Hunt!

After reading one of our favourite stories, The Troll (which contains pirates), we decided to go on a treasure hunt to try and beat the pirates to their buried treasure! We stuck sequins & glitter on circles of silver card to make shiny doubloons encrusted with precious gems. We also practised our pencil control when making our treasure maps. To make the maps look aged & tattered, we stained the paper with cold tea bags & artistically tore the edges.

Then, we decided to re-read ‘The Troll’ to make sure we hadn’t missed any details about the pirates. This time, we read the story aloud all by ourselves & used props & our maps & treasure to support our storytelling. Finally, we were prepared to plunder the booty & went out to find the ‘X’ that marked the spot! When finding our treasure, we used prepositions to describe where we’d found it, like 'under’ the stone, or 'on top of' the wall.

Later, we changed the lyrics in the famous song ‘We’re Going on a Bear Hunt' to 'We’re Going on a Treasure Hunt' & sang our new sea shanty all the way back to nursery. Upon our return, we made a sensory tray with the treasure we’d found & lots of other textures including sand, cereal, glitter & shells. We had a wond-arrrggghh-ful time, me harties!


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