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Spring-ing into Action

With the arrival of spring evermore apparent, we’ve enjoyed some wonderful spring-themed activities. From baking Easter nests to finding baby animals in our messy trays, everyone has enjoyed celebrating the new season!

At Talbot Woods everyone made yummy Easter nests from rice krispies, melted chocolate, marshmallows & mini eggs. We also enjoyed spring-themed messy trays, one full of baby animal toys, yellow feathers & sawdust & one full of soil & spring flowers. We practised filling & emptying containers & explored the textures & smells of the soil & flowers & discussed all the colours of the items in the tray.

Talbot Woods also made beautiful bunny-shaped cards, coloured-in pictures of spring animals & made Easter wreaths, as well as making & decorating elaborate Easter bonnets as part of our home learning. Each class also delighted in a traditional Easter hunt, working together & searching the garden for the spring animal pictures they had coloured-in.


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