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Skilful Scrapbooking

Preschool have been busy filling their leavers’ scrapbooks with all the key skills we’ve learnt & will likely need when we get to ‘big school’! We’ve been learning about phonics, focussing on the sounds within our names, as well as practising writing our names & trying to copy the letters as accurately as we can.

We’ve included our independent care; making sure we are dressed & ready for school on time & are confident in doing things like eating our lunch & going to the toilet on our own. We've discussed healthy eating & where our food comes from, together with planting our own tomato plant we hope to nurture & enjoy when ripe. We’ve added our road safety rules, in anticipation of when we’re old enough to walk to school.

Of course, our scrapbooks also contain lots of our artwork & home learning! We hope our scrapbooks are packed with happy memories & will be a helpful guide during this next big step!


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