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Sid the Snail

Pre-School have made a beautiful book about caring for our beloved pet snail, Sid. We drew a colourful picture of Sid for the front page & Gemma helped us write out Sid’s detailed care routine step-by-step. We added sections on what might make Sid happy or sad, as well as discussing what makes us happy or sad. Gemma then took some photos of us taking care of Sid to illustrate exactly how to carryout his routine.

First, we discussed the importance of wearing gloves & sitting quietly & calmly when holding Sid & also washing our hands before & after to protect both Sid & us. Then, we gave Sid a bath, remembering to keep the water shallow & lukewarm – just how he likes it! We talked about what Sid can & can’t eat - did you know snails can eat raw meat, mealworms & shrimp? We cleaned out Sid’s old food & gave him fresh water & some of his favourite veggie snacks. Then, we sprayed the soil in his tank to keep Sid comfortably moist, before putting him back into his cosy home!


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