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Saving the Planet One ‘Ray Cycle-ing’ Bin at a Time!

Pre-School have been learning about the importance of recycling. We discussed the different bins we have at home & at nursery & what materials go in each of them. We looked at the recycling logo & the shapes & colours it’s usually made up of. When asked why we recycle, one of our friends said; "to save the planet" so then we talked about what could happen if we don’t recycle. We started sticking some labels on different boxes to sort our food, paper & plastic. We put on our high visibility jackets (because that’s what bin men wear & it’s important for our safety) & began sorting a huge pile of recycling together.

When everything was organised into the correct bins, we all counted how many items were in each box to see which one had the most. Afterwards, we decided we wanted to decorate our recycling bin in our classroom. We went for an alien design, as our current learning theme is space & worked together to cut out his arms, huge tongue & three googly eyes! Once we had finished our new alien bin, we realised it needed a name & we all agreed on ‘Ray Cycle’. Welcome to pre-school Ray Cycle!


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