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Preschool Pizza Party!

Yesterday a group of us went to Pizza Express to make our very own Margherita pizza! We hopped on the bus, looking at & discussing what we could spot on our journey.

When we arrived at the restaurant, we spoke about the importance of washing our hands & wearing our aprons & chef hats. We met the lovely Jo, who gave us our cooking instructions, which we followed meticulously! We talked about the texture of the sticky dough as we stretched it out into shape using our palms & fingertips. Then we played ‘guess the ingredients' with the mozzarella cheese, tomato sauce & herbs. We spread the sauce in circles so we didn't miss any areas, then sprinkled on the mozzarella & herbs. We learnt all about the origin of the Margherita pizza & how it was created & named for a queen. We also learnt that the colours of the ingredients reflect the colours of the Italian flag.

Whilst our pizzas were cooking, we did some mark making in the flour & collected our special cooking certificates, before heading back to nursery laden with fresh, handmade pizza! Deliziosa!

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