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Out at Sea

We’ve been inspired by all things oceanic, as our learning theme this month is ‘Out at Sea’. 123s created some cute crustaceans with homemade play-dough & explored textures of flour, glitter, water & tissue paper in a marvellous marine-themed messy tray! 123s also practised pouring with a jug, as well as mark making with different tools, all whilst singing songs about fish of course! Pre-school focused on keeping our beaches clean. They talked about pollution & what rubbish might be in the sea & then worked together using tongs to remove every bit of rubbish they could find in their water trays. Together, they separated the rubbish into recyclables & non-recyclables & gave all the animals in their trays a gentle clean & put them into fresh, clean water. What a brilliant briny way to learn!


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