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Our Favourite Foods

123s have been learning all about our food & where it comes from. We talked about our favourite foods & why it’s important to have a balanced diet. We discussed all the yummy fruits we like to have as a snack & all their different shapes, sizes & colours. Later, we walked to our local shops to see how our food is prepared & stored before we buy it & eat it.

At the butchers, we saw all the different types of meat available & the different ways they can be processed. Next, we visited the bakers & smelled all the delicious fresh bread & cakes. One of our friends said, “I love doughnuts” & we agreed they were nice as an occasional treat! On the way back to nursery, we popped into the green grocers & picked up some of our favourite fruit to make some smoothies.

When we got back, we all helped to very carefully chop up the fruit & Stephanie combined all the ingredients in the blender for us. We then tasted our creation, unfortunately some of us weren’t too keen on the bitty texture, but we all agreed it tasted delicious!


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