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Nature Explorers

In our pre-school class, one of our friends told us they were going on a camping holiday soon, which has inspired a whole week of nature-themed fun! Obviously we had to make our own "camp fire", so we foraged some sticks from the garden & added some tissue paper “flames” to “toast" our marshmallows on - delicious!

Later, we added a few more sticks to our collection in order to create a large-scale stick painting. We used the sticks to make different marks & patterns & also used paper straws to see what would happen if we blew the paint across the paper. We were all so please with the results, we decided to use our painting as part of our ‘key workers’ display in our classroom.

Back in the garden, we talked about all the different species of tree we could see & did some finger paintings of them using different shade of green & yellow for the leaves & adding some pink & red dots for the berries. The nursery have been growing some potatoes in the garden, so we dug up a couple, which we then used to do some potato printing as one of our friends said the shape the prints made looked like leaves.

We decided we’d make a messy tray to explore all of the treasures we had found in the garden. We added coloured rice, cereal, sticks & leaves to make a tree & talked about how the tree might look during the different seasons, for example in the summer it might have lots of leaves & in the winter maybe none at all. Continuing on our nature journey, we are currently baking some ‘tree-mendous’ biscuits for after our lunch!


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