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Jurassic Lunch

This week we’ve been learning all about dinosaurs. We worked as a team to create a fearsome junk-model Pteranodon, who we decided to name ‘Gosh’. We took turns decorating Gosh with different coloured tissue paper & feathers & even made some jungle leaves to surround him so he’d feel more at home. We talked about what food our dinosaur might like to eat & decided it would be a good idea to make him a menu (or else he might just eat us!)

We practised mark-making & writing out our menus & took them down to the local green grocer to select the foods we thought Gosh would enjoy the most. Back at nursery, we had a special tea party to welcome Gosh & our other dino-friends. Later, we enjoyed a dinosaur messy tray where we did some more mark-making on dinosaur templates, practised counting from 1 to 5 & explored the textures, colours & shapes of some of the fruits & vegetables we had bought at the green grocer. It was roar-some!


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