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Dragon's Tale

Currently, our ‘Region of the Month' is Japan & the Far East, so we were inspired to make our own dragon to celebrate Asian culture. We conducted some research by looking at the colours of the Chinese flag & where China is on the map. We talked about the colours used on traditional Chinese dragons & about how some dragons are depicted breathing fire & that fire is very hot. We also read one of our favourite books: Room on the Broom, which features a fire-breathing dragon.

When junk-modelling our dragon, we explored lots of different colours & what happens when we mix colours together. We used lots of different materials such as glitter, tissue paper & powder paint to create the different textures of the dragon’s scaly skin, big teeth & shining eyes. We shared our resources & practised using different tools like paint dabbers, brushes & scissors. We made sure to refer back to pictures of dragons & flags that Rachel had printed out for us to help us perfect our menacing masterpiece. Once we had finished our dragon, we decided to put on a proper procession around the garden, to show off our dragon & hopefully bring good luck to all of our family & friends!


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