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Dear Zoo

This month our learning has been inspired by the theme of ‘animals’. After reading the book ‘Dear Zoo’ & watching a live web-feed from a real-life zoo, Pre-School decided they wanted to write them a letter. By discussing our knowledge of animals & which ones we have seen when visiting the zoo, we came up with several questions to write in our letter, such as “How high can a kangaroo jump?” and “Do elephants sneeze?”

Then we practised our neatest handwriting & helped Gemma & Beth type up our letter. Finally, we decorated our letter with bright pictures of some of our favourite animals. We decided to post our letter to a few different zoos: Marwell Zoo, London Zoo, Paignton Zoo, Chester Zoo & because it’s also our Country of the Month, Australia Zoo.

As we got ready to go to the post box, we talked about road safety & awareness, as well as what we might see in the environment whist on a walk. When we got back to nursery we talked about who might be at the post office. So, we made our own post box & pretended to work at the post office, taking turns to write, post & deliver letters. We hope to receive a reply to our letters soon!


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