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You can work at the nursery from childcare newcomers to reception teacher status students. Most careers start with NVQ2 & 3 childcare training. 


New positions are always created for the right people who apply.

September & October 2022

We're very interested in talking to NVQ2 & NVQ3 Qualified all age groups but especially under 2s.

We have opportunities at Lansdowne & Talbot Woods for career practitioners and Term Time University students


We are delighted to recruit bank staff students from Bournemouth University as invaluable carers and chefs both during term and vacations. 


Call us now to discuss now BU is open.


We have a number of opportunities for parents returning to work (qualified or unqualified) & for those interested in maternity cover.


We have exceptionally high expectations of staff and offer opportunities to develop careers through additonal qualifications to level 5 and beyond, or through advancing support functions such as SEN, Behaviour & Nursery Management.

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