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Lockdown Fees


These are our temporary measures to help our parents in the immediate future. Our plan will ensure there will be a nursery for your child at the end of lockdown for most people & businesses. We appear to be approaching this point although some parents may continue on furlough. We have factored this into our revised Continuity Plan.

The nursery is now open to children of all parents. When have introduced a number of improved changes to our routine to reduce the risk of virus infection at the nursery. These changes are at least as rigorous as those specified in the Government guidelines for managing childcare settings.

From 01 June 2020 both nursery sites are fully open: Wimborne Road & Lansdowne Road


The nursery has escaped the non-essential worker restrictions of last year's March to May lockdown. This means we are fully open to all children. We have had to adapt to reduce risk and in particular we have reduced nursery access to visitors and increased staffing numbers to form safety bubbles for staff and children.


We have additional but limited short & long term places for reception & nursery children whose school or early years' setting has closed. 

For those children planning to start school in September 2021, we will expand our successful School Ready Course which will run from the beginning of July to the end of August 2021. In the meantime, our home learning and event programme continues apace.

You may apply or ask questions here, or call 01202-533911

One month's notice is required on all permanent placements. Please refer to your Terms of Business

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