Lockdown Fees

These are our temporary measures to help our parents in the immediate future *. Our plan will ensure there will be a nursery for your child at the end of lockdown for most people & businesses. We appear to be approaching this point although some parents may continue on furlough. We have factored this into our revised Continuity Plan.

The nursery is now open to children of all parents. When have introduced a number of changes to our routine to reduce the risk of virus infection at the nursery. These changes are at least as rigorous as those specified in the Government guidelines for managing childcare settings.

From 01 June 2020 both nursery sites are fully open: Wimborne Road & Lansdowne Road

If your child is funded and you are not attending the nursery, we have not requested any payment. Now, because we are no longer restricted to educating qualifying children, funded places are fully open to take advantage of the relaxation. For those children planning to start school in September, we have developed a School Ready Course which will run from the beginning to July to the end of August.


The latest joining date for the School Ready Course is from week commencing 27 July 2020. Appropriate notice is required if you do not want your child to attend this essential programme.

If your child is not funded and you are not attending, fees will remain reduced to 1/3 monthly for a further 2 months until the next review on 31 August 2020. Your reduced fee is used to offset the cost of sessions when you return. Most children have returned to their usual sessions. Others have reduced sessions, subject to our normal terms. All children should return by 01 September 2020 or give appropriate notice.

Previously, if you & your unfunded children self-isolated you would have received two thirds fee credit for sessions missed over a 14 day period. A 111 isolation note is required as evidence. This concessions ends at the first Continuity Plan review on 30 June 2020.

* All we ask is your account remains up to date. You may apply or ask questions here, or call 01202-533911

One month's notice is required on all permanent placements. Please refer to your Terms of Business & the series of virus update newsletters.