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Welcome to 75 Lansdowne Road.

The key to success is preparing children during settling in before they start at the nursery. One parent says, "my daughter settled at different times to get used to the routines". Another, "settles were really helpfully for my daughter & more for me".

The emerging pattern is the way children's confidence grows, " He has come on leaps & bounds in confidence & speech", says a parent of a bright two year old boy. 

The variety of indoor, outdoor & offsite activities gives children a wide range of experiences. "I am happy with him & about things he tells me everyday after he has finished", comments one parent.

And a parent teacher, "Very much a good all round standard and breadth of care, education & variety of activities , and 1:1 attention". Another parent teacher, "he has grown so much through the love & care you have provided".

Staff are "really friendly" & "we have regular contact with our key worker" and "if not another member of staff gives us the detail of the day".

Food is an essential element to the day. "My boy definitely loves Andy's food", one parent comments. One mother notes, "I was given recipes when I asked about the food". Another, "The food is fantastic & it is all freshly prepared"...."He enjoys meals more than Mummy's cooking!"

Teamwork and parent partnerships make Lansdowne a special place for you & your child. Our aim is to ensure children get the most from their education &, with their parents, prepare for their first year at school.

One parent says, "well done to your team, keep going; it is our pleasure to leave him with you, he is happy & smiles all the time".

Another gives the whole team all the motivation we need, "Thank you for all you do".

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