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Welcome to Bournemouth Day Nursery Talbot Woods, 80 Wimborne Road

We’ve taken time to think what best to write about Talbot Woods. Where better to start than with our 2020 summer leavers who are now heading for Reception Year at their new schools?


The nursery again received a sack full of cards and best wishes.

Many parents thanked the nursery for "taking such good care of our son. He loved his nursery & pre-school". Another said, "Our daughter has made so may friends & has grown into a confident young lady".


Parents H & B couldn't thank us enough for the support & kindness. "We honestly wouldn't have got through the kids being young without your understanding"


Another couple, "Our daughter really thrived in your setting & progressed so well. She is so ready for school..and [the] level of support is invaluable to parents".

"Our daughter had two superb years at Talbot Woods. Thank you for looking after her & helping her become a confident & sociable young girl". And, "Thank you so much for everything you have done for use. You've been so kind & sorted us out for many years".

We think the key to our success is involving parents with the nursery, making use of the fantastic garden & developing strong relationships with experienced & dedicated nursery teaching staff.

Thank you to everyone for making this such a great place

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