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Established in 2006, we here at Bournemouth Day Nursery take immense pride in the exceptional quality of our child care services. With centres available at both Lansdowne Road and Talbot Woods in Bournemouth, we are some of the leading providers of early childhood education and care available in the region.

Our team of fully qualified, experienced and impassioned child care professionals truly love what they do, and are committed to providing an environment for your child that is not only nurturing and caring, but also encourages educational development, alongside refining motor skills, increasing social development, and promoting healthy eating and exercise habits.

Caring Child

We believe that early encouragement is imperative to a child’s educational development, which is why we always endeavour to provide our pupils with all of the necessary resources to create an environment in which they can thrive, be inquisitive, and learn from their surroundings.


At both our Lansdowne Road and Talbot Woods locations, healthy eating and activities are always encouraged, as we believe that instilling these habits into your child early on can promote better eating habits and exercise in the future.


These beliefs are just some of the many reasons why we here at Bournemouth Day Nursery have made the conscientious decision to provide 3 healthy balanced meals per day, and with our 5 star Food Standards Agency rated executive chef Angie Baker on hand, mealtime is always fun, tasty, and health conscious.

We not only provide healthy, child friendly meals, but also actively encourage our pupils to be ‘Kitchen Helpers’, and get involved in the serving and preparation of their own meals - having fun, improving social and motor skills, and helping them appreciate the joys in healthy eating and cooking.

Here at Bournemouth Day Nursery, we understand more than most the importance of high quality child care for your child, especially during their formative years. We endeavour to make our day care fees as affordable as possible; ensuring to provide both full and half day rates to meet your exact requirements.

Our commitment to affordable and exceptional child care is also why we accept funding for up to 30 hours at both our Lansdowne Road and Talbot Woods locations. Funding is available for all eligible 3 and 4 year olds, and means-tested funding of between 15-30 hours is also available to some eligible 2 year olds. We even offer a 20% off means tested tax advantage to those who are eligible. Not only this, but if your child requires additional needs, you may benefit from a wider range of funding, including Pupil Premium and more. 


Finding the right funding for your child can be difficult to navigate. If you require any assistance on how and where to apply for the right funding, please allow us to help. We are always happy to assist, as we believe that every child deserves access to excellent child care.

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