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Landsowne Road really prepares children for school. The nursery has plenty of space in large individually designed rooms. Children are encouraged to move around the nursery to learn social, school & community skills.


Talbot Woods is home from home but still offers an education so that your children are ready for their next adventure. 


With three square meals a day, the nursery provides the building blocks for a good day's work & play.


The benefits are seen by the way children embrace challenges and enjoy playing with our professional early years educators.


Parents are more than welcome to share our tried and tested recipes to create meals that the children really enjoy.


We all want the best for your aspiring child and the way forward without doubt is for parents to be fully involved.


The nursery can help parents by becoming part of your child's education at the nursery and home. Regular parents' events bring together children, parents and professionals.


We are happy to help you select schools from the wide range in the state and independent sectors.

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