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Colourful Café

At Lansdowne, Pre-school decided to create their own healthy café & make some tasty smoothies to help them cool down in this stifling heat! Everyone picked which flavours they thought would go together best from a variety of gorgeous treats. We talked about the different sizes, colours & textures of the fruit & practised counting how many of each one we were going to put in our smoothies. We all took turns to wash our chosen fruit & talked about why it's important to do this before we eat it.

We practised our kitchen safety & helped each other when cutting up the fruit. We discovered that fruit have pips & seeds & talked about what we would need to do to help them grow into more delicious fruit! After pouring our chopped fruit & some milk & herbs into the blender, we took turns pressing the big button on the front. We watched as the blender turned our solid fruit into a mushy, liquid-y smoothie & talked about how the machine changes the fruit's state. We decided to all sit at the tables in our “café” & enjoy our smoothies together.

As well as making smoothies, we did a tasting of different types of fruits. We chose Jazz, Braeburn, Pink Lady & Granny Smith apples & discussed the differences in their flavours. We compared the appearance of the Granny Smiths & the Pink Ladies & found that even though they are both apples, they are very different! Some of our friends used words like 'juicy’ & ‘sour' to describe what they tasted like. We all agreed the fruit was yummy & that it’s very important to eat a healthy diet.


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