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Junk Modelling

Every month we include activities influenced by a different country or region of the world. America sparked some great ideas about their famous landmarks. These fantastic models made from recycled material are just the tip of the iceberg, however.

The real benefit isn't so much in the modelling, though the children love the teamwork & sense of achievement, but in the learning that is included along the way: different colours & shapes, how many points on the stars, where are the cars going over the bridge, how deep is the water?

By extending the learning beyond simply building & painting the the model, the children are engaged for hours and develop knowledge, understanding and creativity whilst they play. Our first project for 2018 is to ask parents to like the junk modelling on our Facebook & we will make this part of our next PICKL (parents invited to join lessons at the nursery so some of the ideas can be taken on home).

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