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Pheasants' Master Class 2017

Cranborne Shoot kindly donated a brace of pheasants to help our children learn about farms, the birds & their feathers and some of the places we get our food.

Children gain a huge amount from our Master Class lessons & they give everyone an opportunity to use some of the complex ideas they have picked up. Feathers for warmth, camouflage, waterproofing & of course flying. Big muscles on the breast to flap the wings, and smaller ones for running on their legs. Differences in size & colour variety between male & female birds.

The lesson had the children captivated for the best part of an hour & whilst the breast meat was cooked, the children were able to draw representations of the birds & stencils of the main feathers.

Final evidence of success; clean plates & asking for more. Pheasant breast fillet, pan fried with light seasoning & rested for a few minutes.

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